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Save The Apple!

September 30, 2008

The Mets’ home run Apple. It’s part of the Mets, the history, and even though it hasn’t been there since the beginning its been there long enough for it have a special place in our hearts. Now that Shea is no longer, and Citi Field ( meh) will be our new home, many people are wondering what’s going to happen to the apple.

Google rules. So I decided to Google it. I found this website :
It’s a pretty neat idea. Apparently the Apple we all know and love wont be moving into Shea along with our Mets. If there is gonna be an Apple atCiti, it’s gonna be a new one.


C’mon! It’s bad enough you’re tearing Shea down at least give us the Apple. Maybe it’ll help the fans out at Citi, make us feel more at home. That Apple rules. So please, if you’re reading this- click on the link and sign the petition. It’s really easy and don’t worry it won’t spam your mail. Trust me I wouldn’t post it if it did.

Don’t let the Apple be replaced!

*Yes, the Apple deserves a capital ‘A’

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