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Final Citi Field Luxury Suite — SOLD

November 15, 2008

Amidst the rumors and the opinions of bloggers and fans on free agents and closers and all that good stuff the Hot Stove is all about, Citi Field is progressing quickly each passing day. Right next door, our beloved Shea is being dismantled. Whenever I see construction updates I get a sort of bitter-sweet feeling, excited to see Citi but sad seeing good ol’ Shea’s interior in shambles.

  • The $869-a-pair seats from Shea have sold out.
  • The fanwalk bricks have sold out.

Apparently the economic problems this country is facing have not affected everyone, because people have been able to afford buying luxury suites at Citi for prices ranging between $250,000 and $500,000. Now, I’m not exactly sure how it all works but it’s obvious they dont pay the money all in one. Either way, that’s A LOT OF FRIKIN MONEY! – even if its being split between a couple of people. But whatever.

I understand that it’s a new ballpark and sports, especially baseball, are evolving. Getting fancier and every year it seems prices on everything keep going up and up and up. A frikin hot dog a Shea was like a trillion dollars. Imagen at Citi Field.

I think that the owners have to remember that majority of the fanbase arent millionaires. And with the economy the way its been, expensive ass seats arent helping. Going to a baseball game is supposed to be fun, something you can do with your family, your kids, brothers, whatever. But instead of enjoying the game, people are going to have to worry about their expenses. The bigger the family the least likely you’re going to be taking them to watch Wright hit a 2-run homer.

I’m only 16, and whenever I go to a game my brother’s the one who takes me and he pays, but between tickets and food and metrocards, we’ve been going less and less each year.

So for now, I’ll be watching my Mets at Citi Field from my 26” ( I know, I know) HD t.v and at the same time fnishing up my physics homework.

**The positive side to that is that i get to hear Gary, Keith, and Ron. I love those guys.

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