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December 23, 2008

Dear Yankees,

The wonderful & marvelous class-act yankees have signed 1st baseman “hitting extraordinaire” Mark  Texeira for 8 years, $180 million. WHY THE FRIKIN HELL IS MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL ALLOWING THESE DOUCHE BAGS TO SPEND MILLIONS ON 3 DAMN PLAYERS with NYC money?? Taxpayer money. Money people work for, and that soon I will too.

It’s ridiculous.

Within a week, the yankees have spent :

  • CC (yeah, no dots screw what he says): 7 years, 161 mil.
  • AJ (I’m gonna break down just wait & see) 5 years, 82.5 mil
  • Mark (I’m overrated) 8 years, 180 mil.


Total :  $423,500,000 on 3 men.

*Not to mention other smaller signings they’ve made increase this total.

I understand, some of you will say, yeah well if the Mets had that much they’d spend like us too.

Um … We have a lot of money, but you dont see us giving it away in HUGE amounts to every star player that’s available.

Major League Baseball NEEDS to put a salary cap because it’s simple getting out of hand. There are people out there freezing to death, with no food, no homes, no clothes..nothing, and baseball players are getting huge amounts of money to hit a ball and get a guy out.

With all that money the yankees get yearly they should give more to the community, because it’s never enough, and help those that truly need it out, not give it away like it grows on trees because you want every star player out there.

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