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Lowe…C’MON GUY!..& Other TidBits

January 5, 2009

1. As you already know the Mets offered Lowe a 3yr/36 mil. and he rejected it because he and money-hungry Scott Bora$ think a 35 year old average (not an ace) pitcher is going to get $16 mil a year for 5years or whatever the hell it is he wants.

Point is: Just sign already man.


2. Pat Burrell signed a 2-year/16 mil. contract with the Tampa Bay Rays.

Point is: YAY! We won’t see this Met-killer anymore! (‘Cept during inter league games)


3. Milton Bradley signed to a 3-year/30mil. contract with the Cubs.

Point is: It’s his first multi-year contract. Good luck.


Oh! One more thing. I was watching some Youtube videos on F-Mart and let me tell ya’ something..He’s pretty good. Nice smooth swing he’s got.

But anyways, I ran into Reyes’ Spanish Academy videos that fans recorded from Shea and I really really hope they continue to have those at Citi.

They’re funny and entertaining and well, it allows Jose to interact with his fans in a different way. It’s good stuff.



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