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Forget Lowe. Let’s get Sheets & Ollie

January 8, 2009

With all that’s been going on with Lowe and Bora$ trying to get a new suitor to maybe force the Mets to increase their offer, I’m beginning to get turned off by these two. I wanted Lowe just as much as the next fan, he’s a veteran, he’s wants to play for a contending team & prefers the East; however, more important that all of those reasons is that he’s consistent. You know what you’re getting every time it’s his turn to hit the mound..and as Met fans, that’s something we could use after having Ollie and Pedro in our rotation.

Now, that doesn’t mean that we HAVE to get him. Or that if we lose out on him we’re screwed. Not at all. There are still other pitchers out there we can get that are just as good, or can even be better, than Lowe.

Recently it’s been reported that Lowe and BorA$$ were planning on meeting with the Braves today.

The Mets’ initial offer to Lowe reportedly was for $36 million over three years, and Lowe responded by requesting an annual salary of $16 million. It isn’t known whether the Mets raised that bid, but club officials have been talking about a reluctance to bid against themselves. If they had to, the Mets are believed willing to get to $40 million, or perhaps a little bit higher.   -Jon Heyman

So..what happens if Lowe ends up signing with the Braves? What will Omar and the Mets do? I’m not one to answer that question, but if I could have my way, I’d sign Sheets to a 1 year deal and Ollie for 3 years or even four. I’m not great with baseball salaries but I’m pretty sure Sheets wouldn’t cost much. As for Ollie, being a Bora$ client means he’s most likely going to ask for a lot of mula, but I trust Omar and I’m sure if he had to he could figure it out and get Ollie at a reasonable price.

  • Why Sheets?

Well, if it weren’t for his injuries, Sheets would be one of the best pitchers in Baseball. Here are some of his stats.

.                    ERA               IP                   BB               SO

’08               3.09             198.1                47              158
Career        3.72              1,428              313             1206

Lefties hit .256 while Righties hit at .226

His ERA might not be impressive, but it’s not terrible either. It’s obvious his injuries have gotten in the way from having a great season but the guy definitely has it in him.

  • And Ollie?

I think we’ve all heard why. He’s a lefty and that’s something the Mets rotation could use since Johan is the only lefty at the moment, he’s young, and since he began to work with Dan Warthen his pitching began to improve tremendously. The guy has great potential and he’ll probably begin to tap into it this year, hopefully it’s with the Mets and not some other team.


I know there are other options but if we’re unable to get Lowe, I don’t want to be stuck with Redding and Wolf at the end of the rotation. I’ll take one of them (Wolf) but not both.

Whatever happens I trust and pray that Omar keeps up the good work and gets us a nice rotation.

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