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Mets Make Ollie an Offer.

January 12, 2009


According to Jon Heyman the Mets offered left-handed pitcher Oliver Perez a 3 year deal worth somewhere around $30 million. (By the way I’d post a link but he mentioned it during the Hove Stove Show on the MLB Network)

I doubt Ollie will take the offer, he wanted something around $80 mil. for 5 years and that’s obviously not gonna happen but the Mets may be doing this for two reasons.

  1. It will send a message to Lowe showing that we’re not afraid to move on and that he better take the offer while it’s there or risk getting less from another team.
  2. In case the Mets DO miss out on Lowe, the offer to Ollie will be there, and if any other teams get involved they can simply raise their offer. For now however, it’s not necessary for the Mets to outbid themselves with Perez, especially if Lowe is still out there.
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