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Pettitte Better Not End Up A Met

January 15, 2009

A few times I’ve run into articles saying Pettitte should go to the Mets now that he has rejected the Yankees’ $10 mil. offer.

Umm… how about NO?!

I don’t want old Yankee scraps, I don’t care if he’s consistent, there are better pitchers out there we could get and again, the last thing I want to hear are Yankee fans talking smack. This is what Wallace Matthews said on his Newsday post:

It doesn’t appear to me that any of those guys is a better fit for the Mets’ rotation than Pettitte. Unlike Perez, you absolutely know what you’re getting: 30 to 35 starts a year, 200-plus innings, a minimum 14 wins. If you make it to October, you have a starter guaranteed not to rattle under pressure, and almost always guaranteed to put you in a position to win.


Plus, it would be a tremendous PR coup for the Mets, who frankly have looked like jerks the past few years watching the Yankees rescue their castoffs (Gooden, Strawberry, Cone, Nady) but now have the opportunity to return the favor.

And best of all, Pettitte doesn’t cost you all that much, in money or years. One year at $12 million to $14 million, maybe with an option, probably gets it done, and that’s perfect. No long-term entanglements with a head case like Perez, or a hospital case like Sheets. No five-innings-and-out, at best, like you’d get from Pedro.

With those $12/14 million, the Mets can Sheets, whom despite getting injured pitched 198 innings, went 13-9 and had a 3.09 ERA. He’s capable ace material which is what the Mets need behind Santana, a true number #2 starter, not a 3 or a 4.

So, please, stop with the Pettitte rumors and let’s hope we get Perez and/or Sheets. The only way I’ll be okay with him in our rotation is if we fail to land either of these guys, which I doubt.

***I tried my best with the Photoshop.

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