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Mets Improve Offer To Perez

January 24, 2009


Jon Heyman of is reporting that the Mets have improved their offer to Perez. Originally, the Mets had offered the 27 year-old erratic lefty a 3yr/$30 mil. deal and of course Boras&Perez were not gonna take that.

The Mets have placed an offer on the table for free-agent left-hander Oliver Perez, has learned, and are hopeful to have an answer in coming days regarding their prime pitching target.

The Mets are believed to have improved their original thought, which was for about $30 million over three years. But it isn’t certain what their latest offer is.

The Mets are obviously worried about Sheet’s health and his meeting with the Rangers means that he might just end up signing somewhere else where they’re willing to give him a better contract than the Mets would give him. Omar is a big supporter of Ollie, whom is believed to get better and settle down as he gets older and” matures”.. like most lefties, which develop late. Whatever or however it’s obvious Perez needs to start getting his act together and why not take a chance, he has some sick stuff and I’d rather give him a shot and who knows, he might turn into something great. Besides, the Mets have been behind Ollie all this time so we might as well give him one last shot than letting him go and seeing him gain success in Dodger blue or even worse, as a division rival. The Mets have that kind of luck.

I have a feeling Ollie will sign sometime around Tuesday and that will definitely calm my nerves a bit seeing that our rotation right now is not playoff material. We need at least 2 quality starters or a guy like Garland, who can win you 15 games to go along with Ollie. Then we can move on to getting one more big or quality right-handed bat, *mannyahemmanny*or who know we might end up with a guy like Abreu or Dunn. If not, save up money and wait for the trading deadline and trade for a good bat then.

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