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The MexHex?! Please…

January 26, 2009

So, I was reading an article on in which Mr. Marty Noble discusses an e-mail he got from a fan with none other than The Curse of Keith Hernandez. I know. Total madness. Keith rules he would never be a curse to this franchise — or could he? Here’s the e-mail:

For the past two seasons, we have witnessed the Mets implode in their final 17 games. Even the venerated 2006 team suffered from similar ignominy with its 7-10 record down the stretch. These shady performances led me to conclude that there is a curse on the New York Mets franchise: The Curse of Keith Hernandez.

While this may simply sound like a desperate plea for help, one must look at the facts. Mr. Hernandez’s uniform number with the Mets was 17, and for three seasons now, the Mets have lost their mojo after playing solid baseball for 145 games. This phenomenon has coincided with Mr. Hernandez’s promotion to full-time broadcasting duties. So I am simply wondering — do you believe there is a curse on the Mets?
— Kyu Chul S., Fort Lee, N.J.

And the coolest part is that they forwarded the e-mail to Keith himself, and he responded as so:

Marty Noble forwarded to me your e-mail about a possible Keith Hernandez curse on the Mets. I didn’t realize that the 2006 team won only seven of its final 17 games. You may be onto something!

But I want you to know that I am completely innocent of any involvement in this purported jinx. Hey, they said there was a Keith Hernandez jinx in St. Louis until they finally won in 2006. Well, if that one can be broken, so can this one. Let’s hope they do sooner than later.

Happy New Year!
— Keith Hernandez

I don’t know about you, but I’m not even gonna consider it, besides, we’re going in to brand new stadium, maybe the curse will decide to stay on Shea ground and haunt the new CitiField parking lot? Aside from global warming now you have a better reason to “take the 7 train to Shea!” Oh damn..I just realized that I won’t be hearing Gary say that to me throughout the games anymore…

Back to the point..  Would this face and powerful ‘stache hex a beloved team? Nahhh.

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