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Maybe Manny?

January 28, 2009

I know, we’re all sick of seeing the countless posts and comments from bloggers and Mets fans throughout the Met nation on how we want Manny Ramirez.

We’ve also seen the countless posts and comments from bloggers and Mets fans that say “get over it, we’re not getting Manny Ramirez!!”

I have a few thoughts on the situation myself. I don’t care what Wilpon said or what anyone else said on the matter, the fact is, there is a possibility. Whether it’ll happen or not there’s nothing we can do but hope or pray it will/won’t happen. It depends on your opinion on the matter. However, I think we can all agree on the simple known fact that what Manny would do to this line-up and to this franchise would be spctacular. You don’t think Wilpon knows that? He loves money like every human being on this planet does, and he knows the crazy amounts Manny would bring to the Mets through merchandise, tickets, and all those goodies. So you have to admit that he must be at least contemplating the idea. All that going out and saying it’s Omar that doesn’t want Manny or hasn’t approached him about it is bull. We’re not dumb Wilpon, stop insulting your fans.

Manny has an offer from the Dodgers on the table worth around $45 mi. for 2 years. Seeing how the market is right now, you’d think Manny would have taken it. He and Boras bth know very well no one is going to give him any more than that but why hsn’t he taken the offer already? The reason is that he knows the only other team that’s left that could make Manny an offer at least almost close to it is the Mets. But they also know the Mets are not gonna break the bank giving him the out-of-this world offer he wants – does Manny WANT to come to NY? I mean, he’s a NY native, the Mets are a contending NY team, and he knows the fans would go nuts for him – why not? He’s probably waiting for the Mets, it’s the only reason. You have to fancy the idea that if the Mets offer even the same deal, he might take it over L.A. Remember, he knows the Mets are being stingy with the money and the reasons are for another post, but the point is.. I have a little feeling if the Mets make an equal offer as the Dodgers’ or something similar, Manny Ramirez will be a Met.

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