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A Year Ago Today..

January 29, 2009


The Metsies signed the one and only Mr. Johan Sanatana The Great. Man, can you believe it? It’sbeen a year, and after a great year from Johan sadly it wasn’t enough. But no need to fear Mets fans! We got Johan locked for another 5 seasons and within that time I’ll guarantee you we’ll have a championship.

The trade was done on this date, the 29th, and they signed him the 30th. A small contract of only $137.5 mil.for 6 years and an option for 2014 with a $5.5 mil. buyout. Then, the biggest contract given to a pitcher beating out Zito’s and now not the biggest because of Greasy C.C. and the Pansies.

After many thought we wouldn’t end up with Johan mainly because the Mets wouldn’t want to part with OF and top prospect Fernando Martinez, we proved them wrong. In return for Santana the Mets gave away the speedy Carlos Gomez and right-handed pitchers Philip Humber, Kevin Mulvey and Deolis Guerra.

The Twins has actually offered Santana an $80 million 4year extension but he refused it. His heart was set out to be a Met. Ok no, not really, but it makes the story a lot more wonderful.

Last year in his inaugural season for the Mets Mr. Santana went 16-7 with a 3.11 ERA and a 1.10 WHIP in over 200 IP.  Add in a few more wins he could of had but didn’t thanks to the bullpen and he could of been a 20 game winner.

Let’s all hope we christen CitiField with a World Series Championship win and a few Cy Youngs.
Might as well shoot for the stars no? LGM!!!

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