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Mets & Boras To Meet Tomorrow – NOT True

February 1, 2009

It’s NOT TRUE guys. The rumors about Omar & Boras meeting today have been debunked.


NY Sports Dog is reporting that the Mets and douche bag extraordinaire Scott Boras are meeting sometime tomorrow. I don’t know who his source is, but at this point I don’t care as long as he’s right.

There has been quite a bit of speculation on the timing of Ollie’s signing, and the simple fact is that we have entered crunch time.

Will the deal get done tomorrow?

My thoughts are yes–it’s time.

Let’s go Omar. Get it done and let’s move on – this has taken enough time as it is, stop letting Boras take control of these signing situations.


I also found this on one of the Mets message boards:

I realize that someone already posted this subject late last night when Tony Paige (on WFAN) first spoke about his “source” close to the Mets’ GM office.
But the person who posted this topic, didn’t give all the details.
Tony Paige mentioned this topic several times last night because callers kept pushing him to reveal more details.
Tony Paige said he knows someone who used to work in Omar’s office, and this person still has close ties to people who work there now.
According to this “source”, the Mets HAVE spoken to Scott Boras about Manny (not just Ollie)… despite all the public denials. And that this coming week (“after all the Super Bowl hoopla”), the Mets will enter serious discussions with Boras about Manny. And that this source believes the Mets will at least make Manny an offer.
Tony Paige said several times that there IS, in deed, interest in Manny by the front office.
Now, whether this will lead to anything is a completely different story.
I have to believe that if the Mets talk to Boras seriously about Manny, the Mets will definitely make it public at some point… because they’d want to at least placate all the pro-Manny fans.
But I have to take Tony Paige at his word. He would NEVER put his reputation on the line by going ON THE AIR with a story that had no validity.

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