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Valentin Has Returned

February 10, 2009

Free Agent Jose Valentin has signed to a minor league deal with the Mets and could end up making $800,000 if he reaches the majors.
He played with the Mets in ’06 & ’07. During the ’06 season Valentin’s veteran presence, his consistent offense was a big part of the Mets’ playoff run. After resigning with the Mets for ’07 and an option for ’08 he got hurt and broke his tibia after a foul ball bounced of his leg – Valentin decided to end his season due to “physical and mental wear and tear”. He was released shortly after.

I think this is a good signing for the Mets, especially since it’s a minor league contract and if he doesn’t pan out…no big deal. However, if Valentin shows he’s still got it his leadership and his hopefully good offense&defense will help the team out. He’s the type of player the Mets lack in the clubhouse and on the field – maybe he can show ’em something different, give them the type of attitude that shows we’re in it to win it; after all, he was a crucial piece of the 2006 National League Eastern Division Champion team. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not expecting him to be that missing bat we were looking for or even expect him to make the team, but during Spring Training he can really continue to help the young guys out like he did with Reyes and let’s not forget, the guy plays a few spots in the infield as well as left field and can be a fill in for Castillo or David or even Murphy/Tatis.

Whatever the case, you know you love the guy and you’re glad to see him back.

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