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Where’s Luis Castillo?

February 13, 2009

Where the hell’s Luis Castillo? For some one who had a horrible year, was booed by the fans every time they saw his face, and was so unwanted that no one even wanted to trade for him – he isn’t making his situation better. Castillo told the Mets he was sorry for coming to camp unfit yadda yadda yadda and that he would try harder this year. There were even reports that he was in good shape and working out all winter. Well, why aren’t you showing the Mets and the fans alike how willing you are to prove us all wrong by getting to Spring Training early this year? Why aren’t you showing us you’re working your ass off in Port St. Lucie everyday trying to avoid another failure of a season personally?

I’m all for giving Castillo a shot, but unless it’s for some (God forbid) personal reason.. he should have had his ass over in Florida a week ago along with most of his teammates. He’s beginning to seem like a joke to me. If I had had the type of season he had and the fans hated me so much they would personally love to use me as their punching bag – I’d be doing sprints and taking grounders from 5 am to 10 pm just to show them I genuinely want to better myself as a player.

I won’t boo Castillo this season – atleast I’ll try not to – but if halfway through the season he has the same stats and looks just as bad, the guy should be cut. Wilpons, forget the money, he wouldn’t be worth it and we’d be better off with offensively challenged Argenis Reyes or even Ramon Martinez or the Stache’ himself.

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