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Mets Sign Livan Hernandez

February 14, 2009

The Metsies have signed El Duque’s half brother, pitcher Livan Hernandez to a minor league deal. If Livan makes the team he can make up to $1 million. He should be showing up into Spring Training some time this week.

Hernandez’s best season came in 2000 with the Giants, when he pitched 240 innings and finished with a 17-11 record and a 3.75 ERA. Hernandez also pitched in the 2002 World Series, which his Giants lost to the Angels in seven games. Hernandez’s new teammate, Francisco (K-Rod) Rodriguez, won a championship ring pitching for Anaheim that season. -Daily News

The Mets now have four guys competing for the 5 spot with only one of those willing to take a bullpen role and the other willing to go to triple A. Garcia has openly said to reporters that he expects to make the rotation or else he’s out of here.

Not the greatest pitcher, but it’s good to see Omar taking all these precautions – when it comes to pitching you can never have too much depth. Oh and also, this means theres a 99% chance you won’t see Pedro back in a Mets uniform.

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