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Beltran Backs Frankie

February 17, 2009

Adam Rubin of the Daily News has a post in which he talks about how Beltran playfully backed K-Rod’s “team to beat” comments.

Carlos Beltran arrived at camp Tuesday, surprised to learn that Francisco Rodriguez had beaten him to the punch in declaring the Mets the “team to beat” in 2009.

“He say that?” Beltran lightheartedly asked. “I agree with him.”

Regarding Cole Hamels’ “choke artist” line, Beltran said: “The only thing I know is that he will be watched every time he faces us. Hopefully we kill him, and then he’ll have to deal with the situation.”

And comparing the Mets to the Phillies: “I feel we have a good team this year. They made some other acquisitions. I think their team is also better. But I do believe our team is better. On paper, that’s how I feel.”

Beltran said his knees feel good this spring training. He arrived at camp last year off of dual knee surgeries.

He also didn’t quibble with Jerry Manuel thinking about batting him second.

“You hit in that particular part of the lineup only once – first inning,” Beltran said. “After that you’re going to be in different situations. I don’t care. When you’re good, you can be in any hole.”

It’s great to see this. Despite the big deal bloggers and the media has made about Frankies comments players dont let it faze them. They know it’s true – and the media can suck it. In my opinion, I actually like the fact Rodriguez spoke out. It means a lot as a fan seeing a new player and of his caliber say something like that when he barely knows the people in his team.

He also posted some pictures form photographer Howard Simmons – my favorite:


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