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Santana’s Off To N.Y For Further Testing – Say’s He’s O.K

March 1, 2009

Following news of Johan’s “injury” *don’t want to use that word – hence, the quotes – I think it’s pretty safe to say we saw this coming. Santana’s off to N.Y today and will reportedly have an MRI to see what the heck is truly going on in that arm of his.

This morning he threw 35 pitches off the mound this morning at 80 to 85% effort and say’s he felt “fine”. “I felt fine,” Santana said. “It’s the first time in the last four days that I threw, but I feel good. … As you throw more pitches, you feel better. That tells me we’re making progress and getting loose.” Pitching Coach Dan Warthen expressed similar aprroval.

Apparently he was trying to get ready for the WBC too fast too soon. This was before the team had made the decision of not letting him go in order to rest his knee a bit more and be 100% safe with it. “Coming to spring training, my mindset was to participate in the WBC,” Santana said. “Somehow you have to find a way to get ready. I think that’s what it is – throwing too much too soon.”

Once Santana gets back from N.Y he’ll throw a bit more and possibly have to throw one or two batting pactrice sessions in order to keep up, however, they won’t push the envelope and will take it slow.

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