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Duaner’s A Goner

March 10, 2009

The Mets have released relief pitcher Duaner Sanchez.

Sanchez, who had come in a trade with Dodgers in 2006 posted a 2.60 ERA and 5-1 record in 49 appearances. Unfortunately he was in a taxi accident that July in Miami and injured his arm. Two operations and 20 months later Sanchez was finally off the DL list and was back in action. However, it wasn’t the same Duaner. His velocity was way down and he posted a 4.32 ERA in 66 games.

Now doubt the bullpen was overworked last season, but judging from his stuff when he returned and from Spring Training so far alone, it was clear Duaner had to either step up his game or he would be cut.

This is some of what Omar had to say, “To his credit, he really was trying hard,” Minaya said. “But I think you guys have seen – you can get outs, but at the same time the command is not where you want to be. The velocity was getting better. There was some upticks, some positive signs there. At the end of the day, you’ve got to make a call. The call was made today. … I think he came into camp knowing he had to fight for a spot just based upon how the year ended. Most guys are surprised by these things. That’s how it is.”

It’s sad, it really is. Incredible how an accident of which he had no fault in could ruin his career. Duaner was an integral part of the ’06 bullpen – and if he would have never been in that taxi cab accident who knows how many less blown games we could have had or how much better our horrendous bullpen would have been. I wish much luck to Duaner Sanchez, I hope he can somehow get his velocity and his command back in shape so that he can once again be that great bullpen guy we saw pitch for us in 2006.

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