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June 13, 2009

Louie, Louie, Louie….

Let me start off by saying that when Luis dropped that ball last night I teared. I could not believe what had just happened. The anger and the frustration that I had inside lingered throughout the night and I went to bed around 2 in the morning still angry.$$19SPYANKEESMURRAY

When will this team stop the bullshit and play focused, smart, hard nosed baseball until the last out? When will they stop being lazy? When will they hustle no matter the situation? Who knows. Maybe when we get a new manager that can actually inspire his team and make sure they do what they have to do and not just laugh it off and make excuses like Manuel does.

Although we can’t exactly blame Castillo fully for the loss since we had many opportunities to break the game open and we did not, as usual, there was absolutely no reason for him to not make that catch. Last night I heard a few people on TV say you ‘gotta feel for the guy, but I didn’t; however, now that my anger has somewhat subsided I’ve come to realize I do feel for Castillo. Whether it was the injuries or just a bad case of lazyness, Luis Castillo had a horrendous year last season. The fans were ready to rip him apart if they had the chance and rightfully so. He came back this year in shape, and ready to go, and he was. He started off the year on a hot-streak and although his bat had cooled off lately his defense had been stellar. Just as the fans were beginning to forgive Louie this happens…it’s just sad.

The Mets should have won this game and unfortunately what’s done is done, now it’s time for the Mets to step up, dust themselves off, and prove to their fans and the other teams that they’re no joke – that they mean business and that they won’t let stupid mistakes get them off-track. They need to go out there today and win a ballgame.

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