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Aroldis Chapman Agrees To 5-Year, $30 Mil. Deal

January 10, 2010


2:54 PM – Jeff Passan has also confirmed it.

Via MLBTR: 1:34 pm Jeff Blair from the Toronto Globe and Mail tweets that he’s hearing that Chapman signing with the Reds at five years and $30MM is a done deal.


Several sources are confirming that Cuban LHP Aroldis Chapman has agreed to a $30 million, 5-year contract with a National League Team. Initially though to have been the Marlins or Nationals, sources claim it’s been narrowed down to a NL Central team, leaving the Reds as the most obvious suitors.

It would have been nice to see the Mets sign this guy, he throws pure heat but his control seems to need tuning as well as his composure in tough situations which will come early and often in the majors. Either way, he’s most certainly starting in the Minors either at AA or AAA, and maybe even single-A. Already hearing Mets fans saying this is a good opportunity for the Mets to strike a deal for Arroyo; however, with Chapman not starting off in the bigs, I doubt the Reds will dump Arroyo whose their ace, just yet.All this assuming it is the Reds who have signed him.

Oh and another thing, I’m not all that nuts for Arroyo anyways.

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