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Patches Patches & More Patches

February 20, 2009

May I present to you the “patched”  caps our Metsies will be wearing all season:

This patch you see above will kinda be like the unofficial – yet official… patch. The idea is that it’s going to be on everything from merchandising to all over CitiField. The ugly patch will shall not be named will basically just be on the jersey and a few things online.


I know a lot of people got mad that the patch was getting all this attention but I must say – as a fan – I don’t want to see my team made fun of by the media anymore than they already are. That CitiField patch was almost like a sick joke and I’m glad to know it won’t be all over the place and on every Met merchandise.

The only problem I have with it is that now the Mets will have this patch on their caps all season and the ugly one on their sleeves all season. That’s a lot of patchwork for one man… this isn’t nascar. It’s not advertisement but it’ll look funny. I was watching a few ST clips on TV yesterday and the guys’ hats looked weird from afar. I guess I’m just nitpicking at stuff now but oh well, in the end it truly isn’t about the logos or the patches, it’s about the Mets and hoping they can push these past two seasons away and finally win a championship again.


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